Non Halal Food

This is another one of my top favorite...I'll make another trip to the Moon if someone tell's me they have the best one there....Don't mistake the KL's Hokkien Mee with the one in Penang...that too will be covered later...
For me I love the one in Jalan Peel. Also love the one in Kajang, can't remember the restaurant's name (I'll give you more details when I get back to home base, Malaysia). I have tried the one in Jalan 222, Ah Waa's, tasted ok but not the best...another place is in Petaling Street, many many moons ago since I patronize this place. I'll put it in my must do list..

Pork Mee...Excellent in Subang Jaya, located formerly In front of Carrefour, now shifted, don't know where.
Also good in Penang behind Perangin Mall, exact location not sure of, but husband & wife still going strong.

Where else can you    recommend to us.? 

I just love wantan mee...

I'll go to the moon if you tell me that there is a Wantan Mee shop that is soooo good.....

I'm willing to pay RM100 for a bowl of wantan mee right now...I have to wait until early April before I can get one....
You lucky people living in Malaysia, enjoy...

Char Kuey Tiow...Great in Penang...Most places in Penang has got some great legendary stall selling Char Kuey Tiow....I like those at McAllister Road and Island Glades food court. I'm sure most of Malaysian have heard about the Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Tiow...??? I have not tried it but I heard that it cost very expensive for Penang standard. For those in KL, you can check out the one near Imbi Road, just beside the Honda Car showroom, in the standard lah....not like what we will get from Penang, 
but boleh lah....

Beef Kuay Tiow & Mee Hoon in Soo Kee Restaurant Imbi Road, is the best. There have been others that tried but they would need to try harder and longer as this restaurant has history. Apparently, this restaurant was introduced to my dad by his bro in law in the early 60's and we have going to their reataurant ever since and now my kids are going there so between us, it's like 3 generation of us has been partonizing their place. The original location was across were the are now and apparently, Soo Kee's son is there now running his own show there. Both taste's the same and you can choose between both restaurant
Location is Medan Imbi.......Try it, you'll love it.

Sorry to report to you that while writing this as I looked at the pictures of the noodles, I almost fainted.
Thank God I managed to control the dripping saliva and regain my composure.
Since I used to live around Peel Road when I was young, the day I learn how to cross the road was the day my mum could use my services to go to the market and in the evening get me to go buy the legendary Beef Ball Noodles. In fact those days, it was safe for a kid just 7 or 8 years old to walk around and not get harassed or kidnap. Another place that is Legendary for the same style noodles is Soong Kee Beef Noodles located right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur City at the exact spot 35-40 years ago, along Jalan Tun Tan Siew Seng opposite the RHB Bank, close to the HSBC bank (I think the owner felt safe close to the banks so after berniage, just walk across to bank in the days collection...).
Those days it was all outdoors and sometimes while eating on the walkway, we had to stop eating, get up and move the table as the Toong Fong bus made a turn too close to the side walk and need us to move the table for the bus to pass....Oh, I forgot, they had also a great sugar cane stall besides their shop, so if you ordered the noodles, you can order the sugar cane too....ooooh what a delight. My Wife likes the one in Jalan Peel (Opposite Carrefour) but I being a pig, like both stalls.
Coincidently, there is another stall selling similar style noodles, along Jalan Alor (behind the old Cathay Cinema) but not up to these 2 standards. We always keep it as reserved, just in case both are closed.

So for you all out there, if you have another place that you would like to share with all of us, just leave your comments and location of the spot and rest assured, I'll definitely check out the spot....Thanks