Thursday, February 24, 2011

Satay..The Best.? Where.? Kajang or Jalan Peel.?

One of the most favorites we like to eat is SATAY. It is famous close by where we stay, Kajang. It is the most famous thing you can get from Kajang town. And one of the best and commercialize restaurant in Kajang is the Satay Kajang Haji Samuri  Restaurant, you can't miss it, the biggest one is adjacent with the Kajang Football stadium.I like it here, clean and fast service but the one you get from Queens Restaurant (Formerly known as Queens Hotel)  Jalan Peel, is equally or the best of all. It is rumored that this stall owner's uncle is the the very famous KL's satay shop owner, Majid Satay, formerly located at the Campbell complex food court...for those KL old timers, they will tell you about the old stories about Campbell Complex or Pertama Complex...So go try out both and tell us what you think is the best Satay in KL or maybe you know somewhere I don't know....For satay lovers, FYI...Penang does not have any good spots....I know my wife just loves the satay in Peel Road, every time we even come close to Peel Road (within 5 km radius) she will remind me to stop and get 50 sticks of satay...just to taste, her excuse is long time didn't eat the Peel road Satay...ok,  Enjoy...

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