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Monday, February 14, 2011

Rojak Mamak or Passembur in Penang

Rojak or also known as Passembur, in Penang is extremly famous amongst Malaysian no matter of what raise. I used to enjoy the rojak from one young boy on a motorbike, around SS2 back in the days, I got to know that he is selling now close to the lorong near the Maybank at the same area of SS2. It's been years since I had his rojak but I'll try to look for him this trip and report back. Now a days, the one in Subang Jaya SS15 is the famous one, used to sell from this pick up truck, together with his wing man the cendol man....
For the Penang side, try the ever famous one in Padang Kota, but be careful of what you choose, as the price can suddenly shoot up to 20-25 RM if you choose too much. The one in Padang Brown is equally good and worth trying. So if you got your secret rojak hideout, just share with us so we can also try out and enjoy it.

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